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Ways to enjoy summer from your office!

As you've probably noticed, the good weather has arrived! We're pretty sure you've also noticed that your office is still operating - even though it's beautiful outside!

With the occasional daydream of the beach, you can also take matters into your own hands and make the most of the summer from your office!  

- Brighten up your desk:

Try and incorporate some summer colours into your workspace. Get a mini plant, some tropical-inspired stationery or a picture of you, your friends or family on the beach, at the park or at home enjoying a BBQ! 

- Plan a frozen treat Happy Hour: 

Start a happy hour on Fridays to enjoy ice cream together. Taking an hour away from work will actually make you more productive. So, step away from our computer, and pick up a treat! 

- Explore with your wardrobe: 

Nothing notes a season change more than switching up your wardrobe! Find a way to incorporate your summer pieces into a professional environment, try adding a pop of colour to your usual office outfits. 

- Use your lunch breaks differently: 

Eat outside instead of at your desk, bring your lunch with you so you can make the most of your full break. 

- Switch up your commute: 

Change the way you commute to work. Instead of driving, or getting the bus, why not try cycling, walking or running to work. Use the lighter mornings as an excuse to get up earlier and exercise, you'll feel great!