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5 Ways to spot a great CV in under 30 seconds

Here at Harpers, we know how to spot a great CV. With our industry knowledge of 30+ years, we have seen a lot of CVs and feel confident we know a good one when we see it!

  1. Format
    Is the CV like a novel? If so, move on! At Harpers, we tell our candidates to bullet point their duties and responsibilities, so it is easy for the employer to read. The easier the candidate can communicate their relevant skills to their potential employer, the quicker they can get to interview!
  2. Typos, spelling and punctuation.
    If you’re offering a high-level position to a candidate, they should know how to spell check. Typos show the candidate does not have the best attention to detail. A resume with perfect spelling and punctuation is definitely a keeper!
  3. Dates
    Check that all the dates match up on the CV. Have they been consistently in work? If not, does the candidate explain why? Perhaps they have been travelling or studying but it is always best to fill in the gaps!
  4. Keywords
    Scan the CV for keywords that match the job description your candidate is applying for. This shows the candidate has put in the work to ensure their CV is relevant to your job description and they have the relevant skills to enhance your business.
  5. Work with Harpers
    The easiest way to receive a great CV is to work with Harpers, we have over 30 years experience in the recruitment industry and know a good CV when we see one. We take the time to sift through our pool of applicants for you and to only give you the best candidates for the role.

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