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Forget-me-Notts Selection Box Campaign

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Harpers want to ensure we are giving back to the local community through charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Harpers have been working with Operation Orphan since the beginning of this year and already feel a strong connection with the charity. 

After meeting with the charity Director, Brad, and the team, we wanted to get more involved with the organisation as the work they do around the world and locally has really motivated us to get involved. 

We have been involved with their Keep a Child Warm Project, which sees the charity collect donations of warm clothing and blankets from the general public and then forward them on to children in countries such as Iraq and Romania.

Harpers run a pro bono placement scheme to charities and not for profit organisations. Earlier this year, we saw that Operation Orphan was looking for a new Operations Manager, so Harpers introduced and successfully placed a candidate free of charge. Following a recent visit to the team, we are delighted to report she is thriving in her new role and both parties couldn't be happier! 

We have more recently been helping to promote their ongoing Forget-me-Notts Project which provides vulnerable children in (or known to) the care system with a selection box for Christmas. 

The Forget-me-Notts have two strands to this project:

Strand 1:

At Christmas and Easter they give chocolate gifts to children who are in care or known to the care system locally. For many of these children, this will be the only gift they receive. Reports back from social workers tell us that, although this may seem a small gesture, to the children it means a lot; it shows them they are not forgotten.

Strand 2:

Through a referral process, Forget-me-Notts are now delivering targeted, practical help to ‘at risk’ children across the East Midlands, in many cases helping to prevent children from being taken into care.

Once the child’s needs are assessed, support agencies such as Social Services submit a referral with an overview of the family’s situation and a list of things that would significantly improve the quality of the children’s environment. These practical items could be anything from clothing or furniture to bedding. These things are basic necessities in any home but are not so easily obtainable for families dealing with unemployment, homelessness or escaping domestic violence where cost becomes a big issue.

As part of the Strand 1 project, Harpers asked their clients and contacts to donate to this wonderful cause. The response we saw from our generous clients has been heartwarming and we would like to thank every single person who has helped to achieve this amazing donation to Forget-me-Notts.

In total, we have donated...


selection boxes for this amazing charity!

thank you

Operation Orphan are still taking donations for their second phase of selection boxes. The deadline for their next collection is Wednesday 5th December 2018.

For more information on how to donate CLICK HERE