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Rosie May - Pro Bono Project

The Rosie May Foundation is an international children's charity - keeping children in families and creating positive futures in Sri Lanka and Nepal. In January 2004, the Rosie May Foundation was founded in response to overwhelming donations from the public after Rosie May was brutally murdered.

This personal tragedy gave Rosie May’s parents - Graham and Mary Storrie the determination to do something extraordinary. To turn tragedy into hope and create a living legacy to their beautiful daughter. Their mission is to give children in crisis the right to a future, one that Rosie May has tragically been denied forever. 

In May 2019, we recruited for the Rosie May Foundation on a pro-bono basis. We successfully placed a Fundraising & Partnership Manager for the Charity Director free of charge. The Rosie May Foundation is a charity which is close to our heart, our Director Jane, who has since been made a trustee of the organisation says "The Rosie May Foundation is an important charity, which protects and educates vulnerable families in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Having a daughter myself I believe it's important to support women and children who may not be as privileged." 

The new Fundraising & Partnership Manager Sam, is responsible for looking after existing relationships and exploring potential opportunities for the Rosie May Foundation to raise its profile. Sam's role includes developing new partnerships that are beneficial to both partners and is also responsible for managing their volunteers, graduates and interns.

Sam, says "This is my dream job. I love every element of the role. I’m excited by the opportunities I’m being given through the support of the Rosie May Foundation and in particular Mary Storrie, our CEO/Co-founder. I’m also very excited by the prospect of visiting the projects in Nepal and Sri Lanka and witnessing, for myself, where the money is being invested. I’ve also enrolled to study for a Diploma in Fundraising which will be of benefit to both the charity and me, personally.

I’m grateful to Jane Harper at Harpers for identifying me for this role, it’s a great fit, incredibly rewarding and I’m really looking forward to achieving great things with the Rosie May Foundation team."

Over the past twelve years, the Rosie May Foundation has developed from a family-run charity to an international charity with a strategy to help children in crisis, especially women and children

The Rosie May Foundation’s vision - A world in which every child grows up within a safe, nurturing family and has a positive future. 

For more information about the Rosie May Foundation or to donate, visit their website here