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Your Pension

Harper Recruitment Groups Workplace Pension in conjunction with NOW: Pensions Trust
For over 30 years, Harpers has always placed candidate care as one of its primary focuses, ensuring that our temporary workers are well looked after whilst on assignment and by our support team.
As part of this code of practice and whilst you are on assignment, Harper offers you the option to enrol in our workplace pension scheme. For AWR (Agency Workers Regulations act) compliance, all UK employers are legally required to provide a workplace pension for their eligible staff and to pay money into it on their behalf. This is to encourage you to build up your pension savings.
After your 12th week of working with Harpers, you will be enrolled in our Scheme who we have placed with pension specialist NOW: Pensions. Harpers automatically enrol you into the Scheme on that date if you meet the following criteria:
  • you earn over £192 per week (or £833 per month)
  • you're aged 22 or older
  • you're under State Pension age.
Even if you don't meet this criteria now, we are still required to re-assess your eligibility to join the Scheme on each payroll date. If you subsequently meet the criteria, Harpers will auto-enrol you from that date.
How does your pension work?
  • When you are enrolled in the Scheme, you'll put money into your pension each month directly from your pay. Your contribution will be 5% of your pensionable earnings. This will be taken directly from your pay before tax is calculated. The amounts will go up or down according to how much you earn. You may also benefit from potential tax relief.
  • Your employer will also contribute 3%.
  • If you earn less than £120 a week when you ask to join, you're not entitled to contributions from your employer.
  • Your pension belongs to you, even if you change jobs.
  • The figures above relate to the 2020-2021 tax year.
Do you have to be enrolled in the Scheme?
No, you don't have to enrol; it is your choice. Harpers is legally obligated to offer you enrolment; however, you can decline or stop contributing to the Scheme at any time. We can't opt you out of the Scheme; you have to contact NOW: Pensions directly and request to stop paying into the pension.
Tax relief on your pension
NOW: Pensions Trust operates a net pay arrangement. This means any contribution you make is deducted before income tax is calculated. If you're a taxpayer, this means you automatically get tax relief on your pension contributions at the highest applicable rate.
If you don't pay tax, you won't benefit from tax relief on your pension contributions. However, you'll still benefit from your employer's payments into your pension.
Find out more about pension savings
For more information on pensions and saving for later life, visit or You can see how a pension builds using an online pension calculator at
Contact NOW: Pensions
If you have any questions or require any information, please email, please quote your full name, address, and your National Insurance number in the email.
You can also call a member of their support team on 0330 100 3334 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
When you call, please quote your full name, address, and your National Insurance number, Harpers Employer code is: MPF6
Harper Recruitment Payroll Team
T: 01158507575