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January Mood Boosters

True or not, feeling broke and blue isn’t confined to just January, however the cold weather and return to reality after the break can act as sure-fire catalysts. How do we keep the blues at bay? Here are some ideas of small changes that you can make every day to boost your mood! 

  1. Wake up earlier:

Set your alarm to go off 15 minutes before you normally get up. This extra time will enable you to have a more organised and productive day.

  1. Make a friend smile:

Making a friend smile is a great way to improve your day.  Why not send them a funny video online or send them a text to see how they are doing.

  1. Have a quick tidy up:

Clear space, clear mind!  Make some time, even if it’s only for 5 minutes each day to tidy your environment - your mind will thank you.

  1. Smile at the first stranger you see:

Never underestimate the power of a smile!  It costs you nothing, but can make someone’s day and will also leave you feeling warm inside.

  1. Take a walk:

If you are feeling stressed or worried, taking a short walk outside will raise your mood and can also calm you down.

  1. Listen to music:

It is well known that music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety.  Put on your favourite album and you will notice yourself humming, smiling and dancing in no time!

  1. Eat at least one healthy meal:

Unhealthy snacks can be tempting, but your body and mind will thank you for eating at least one healthy meal with fruit and vegetables each day.

  1. Do something nice for someone else:

Whether it’s walking someone’s dog or giving someone a book you no longer need, small acts of kindness can go a long way and will help you to feel more positive.

  1. Stay hydrated:

Carry a bottle of water with you. Water is one of the best drinks for your body, and it will improve your health, your skin and your mind – perfect!

  1. Make sure you get enough sleep:

Most of us need about 8 hours of sleep a night to repair and renew our bodies, so make sure you get this if you want to wake up feeling refreshed and energised!