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Mental Health Awareness Week

This mental health awareness week is a different kind. 

Many of us are worried about the coronavirus and how this is affecting us, the ones we love, and our stability. 

The theme of this year's mental health awareness week is kindness. Why not take a few minutes and think about doing something kind for a friend or a stranger today. 

As part of the Mind campaign, we are jumping on board and encouraging you to #SpeakYourMind and reach out to someone who needs a friend. 

We asked some of the Harper team for some advice on how they have been taking care of their mental well-being and their loved ones around them. 

Here are some of the things they would like to share with you: 

  • "Try to remember, nothing lasts forever. You can get through this difficult time". 
  • "Be kind to yourself and the others around you". 
  • "Minimising watching bad news can be helpful". 
  • "Get plenty of sleep, eat well and stay hydrated" 
  • "Avoid or minimise your alcohol intake" 
  • "Enjoy the sunshine". 
  • "Go for walks if you are able. Take photos of nature. Smile and say hello to passers-by."
  • "Try and understand other people's points of view, empathise and put yourself in their shoes". 
  • "Speak out about how you feel, you will be surprised at who is willing to help you."
  • "Try not to put pressure on yourself to be too productive."
  • "Exercise whilst listening to your favourite music" 
  • "Listen to a podcast, whether it be something educational or just plain funny!" 
  • "I've been doing yoga each day, something I've never done before and found it's helped to lift my mood". 
  • "It is important for me to have a treat every day. Chocolate and Ice Cream are never in short supply. It doesn't have to be food though! Flowers, books, nice magazines, bubble bath, and scented candles - the little things bring me joy."
  • "Walking, bike rides, workouts, and baking". 

Remember, we are all in this together, it is our duty to look out for one another in these strange times. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from their mental health, you can call Samaritans any time, from any phone for FREE or visit the NHS website HERE for further helplines.