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Reasons to be hiring now

The future, strength and ultimate success of a company has always been closely connected with people it has working within it. If you employ skilled, enthusiastic and motivated individuals in your team, no matter what level they may work in, it makes the task of planning, moving forward and delivering the desired result far easier and with a significantly higher success factor. In these challenging times, trying to find the "New Norm" will rely not only on what you do but who you have helping you to do it. Therefore, assessing and reinforcing the team with well placed strategic hires is not as crazy as it may seem.

There is now an opportunity to recruit smartly, whether it be a new permanent hire/s or utilising some temporary resource to get ahead of the competition. Every crisis will eventually pass, and we now, more than ever, need the right people to help get back on our feet, ensuring we can take every advantage from the situation.

Reasons to keep hiring:

  • Many companies are hesitant, waiting for other people to make the first move. They are suspending hiring and selection procedures, leaving you the opportunity to stand out as an innovative and forward-thinking employer. While the job market may be flooding with available candidates, there is still a dearth of upper quartile individuals.
  • While the recruitment and selection process has changed, this brings new opportunity to explore other avenues and techniques across the hiring spectrum, from online video interviews to group online assessments and presentations. This offers greater flexibility in a more familiar environment enabling maximum return from each exercise.
  • New starters to the team can bring much needed positive energy to the workforce, whilst providing a sense of reassurance to existing staff seeing the business grow following uncertain times.
  • Over the course of lockdown, we have received an unprecedented volume of applications from a broad cross-section of candidates. With over 30 years experience our specialist consultants have the skills and experience to see the "wood for the trees" being able to provide a speedy tailored search and shortlist, saving you and your organisation time and money!
  • Using the right recruitment agency to recruit will help free up time, enabling you to focus energy into other staffing areas such as keeping your workforce healthy, happy and productive.
  • Getting ahead of the recruiting game will give you the competitive edge over the competition, having a well balanced, correctly skilled and motivated team in place could make all the difference to winning or coming second place. While the competition may wait and begin to look when the status quo fully returns, you will already have that much needed head start.

"Hiring the best is your most important task."

Steve Jobs

As we begin to see restrictions ease and the first green shoots of the economy's recovery, Harpers has and will continue to help our clients and candidates in their search for a new employee/role, adapting to provide continued leading and innovative staffing solutions.

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