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Enjoy Bonfire Night 2020 Style

Now Halloween has passed, it’s time to celebrate Bonfire Night! There’s something about the beautiful change in leaves, wrapping up in warm clothes and being able to hibernate under a blanket with a cup of tea – teamed with the upcoming thoughts of the Christmas Festivities in the coming months. It is one of my favourite times of the year!

As things are a little different this year with a national lockdown ahead of us, I thought I would put together some ideas on how to celebrate Bonfire Night 2020 style.

Make your own fireworks display

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then launching your own fireworks can be an exciting part of bonfire night. Fireworks can be bought from most supermarkets by anyone over the age of 18. You only need a handful to make a show of it. Unlike at public displays, where it’s all about the bang, much of the magic lies in building a sense of anticipation. The theatre of placing the rocket at its launch site, lighting the fuse, and getting everyone to stand back is almost as much fun as the explosion itself.

Climb a hill

Official displays might not be going ahead, but there’s still a way to enjoy a sky full of explosions -- and without the crowds. Simply walk to the top of any large hill, in or near a town, and you should see fireworks from many separate households.

Enjoy some tasty Autumnal treats

Cook some jacket potatoes for dinner, or why not rustle up a one-pot dinner such as a Sausage Casserole, or Chilli Con Carne with cheesy or garlicky bread.

Marshmallow toasting & fire pit

If you have a fire pit, why not get all wrapped up, enjoy a hot chocolate and toast some marshmallows for a tasty treat!

No-fuss fireworks

Sparklers hold many advantages over more explosive forms of firework. They’re cheaper, need less space and won’t annoy the neighbours. You’ll also get some mighty impressive photos if you “write” in the air with the glowing end. As with all fireworks, take a safety-first attitude. Never light sparklers on balconies or roof terraces, and leave them on the floor until they’ve thoroughly cooled.


The safest form of light show is to use glow-sticks. A slow chemical reaction causes these wonders to glow steadily without giving off heat for hours, much like a firefly. They come in all colours and can be worn about the body or simply waved like a sparkler. On the downside, they’re single-use only and can’t be recycled, so use them sparingly. 

Make a scarecrow/guy

Put together a scarecrow-like body from old clothes stuffed with newspaper or other old clothes. For the head, you can use a Halloween pumpkin (if it hasn’t yet rotted), or fashion a Guy Fawkes mask, a la V for Vendetta.

It may be a strange time at the moment, but taking joy in the little things will help. Whatever you chose to do, have fun and keep safe!

Siobhán x