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November - self care

Happy Monday and welcome to November, with lots of exciting things to look forward to, such as cosy nights, winter walks, wrapping up warm, bonfire night and Christmas is just around the corner!

Now the clocks have gone back, the days will be shorter and winter is settling in, it is important to keep in mind our self-care.

Here are a few ways in which you can take care of yourself this winter:

Light exposure:

As the days get darker, light exposure is vital. Open the curtains wide around the house and sit by windows where possible during the day. It is strongly encouraged to get outside during daylight hours which not only boosts the “feel good” hormones like serotonin, but also gives you some vitamin D exposure. Taking daily vitamin D supplements during winter months is advised, but any natural exposure is good.


Exercise is key to helping with adjusting to winter time changes. Any movement is good movement! If you can get even a few minutes’ worth of a sweat while getting that heart rate up, you get a surge of endorphins that helps to boost mood and facilitates good sleep.

Caffeine intake:

Limit your caffeine intake from 2pm to help the body prepare for winding down and sleeping. Anything that stimulates the mind will hinder the ability to get deep sleep later, so switch to herbal or decaf.


Set alarms to regulate sleep and wake times. Humans thrive on routine and habits, so as the clocks go back, it’s even more important to have a sleep schedule that will continue a healthy circadian rhythm.

Screen time:

We can’t live without our tech devices these days and whilst they have become the gateway to most things, we must remind ourselves that they are designed to keep us online all the time. Draw some boundaries for yourself and give yourself a daily nightly digital detox. At least an hour before bedtime, switch off devices because they play havoc with melatonin levels and the blue light emitted from screens impacts sleep quality.